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1. If you are unable to log in or require a new account, please include the following information when contacting the PREP TAs: First and last name, course and section, WLU E-mail address and student ID number.

2. For Waterloo campus studies, there is ONE waiting area unless otherwise stated in study posting. It is located in front of the Psychology Main Office (N2006) in the Science Building (Click here for map). The researcher will meet you there at the specified time. The only exception is for Waterloo studies conducted at the Northdale Campus. If the study is being conducted at Northdale Campus, this will be stated in the study description and you must go there directly (Click here for map). It is your responsibility to note the correct study location and show up to the appropriate location. For Brantford campus studies, go to the location indicated when you sign up for study.

3. New studies will be added periodically so please check back often.

4. The deadline to participate in studies is the last day of class for the term (Dec 7).

5. As an alternative to participating in studies, you can earn credit by writing critical reviews of journal articles. Click here for instructions. The deadline for the alternative assignment is the last day of class for the term (see above).

6. For more PREP information, click here to access the PREP Startup Guide for Students and click here to access the PREP Presentation for Students.

7. Important for all ON-LINE and SECOND-YEAR classes: The number of required credits shown on PREP (this system) is NOT the number of required credits for your course (see this message or your course outline). If you are enrolled in PS101OC or PS102 OC (on-line) then your PREP requirement is 3 credits. If you are enrolled in any second-year class then 2 credits are required for full bonus marks.

The Psychology Research Experience Program is separate from the School of Business and Economics Research participation system. Click here if you are taking an eligible business class and wish to participate in studies.

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